• Transfiguration (2016) for Orchestra
Chamber Orchestra
  • Nautilus Odissey (2018) for Orchestra
  • Icelandic Transportation (2017) for Orchestra
Wind Orchestra
  • Ultreia (1998) for Wind Orchestra  – 1st Prize of International “St J. de Compostelle” competition
Solo Instruments with Orchestra or Ensemble
  • Carthage (2016) for Flute, String Orchestra and 2 French Horns
  • Harar (2015) for Viola and Orchestra
  • Dzong (2014) for 2 French Horn solo, Percussion solo and String Orchestra, premiered by Pierre Badol, Nicolas Ramez, Adélaïde Ferrière with Orchestre Pasdeloup Dir : Nicolas Simon, Delatour Editions
  • Un jour, les pierres (2013) for Harp and Wind Orchestra Orchestra, premiered by Alice Cissoko and the Orchestre d’Harmonie du Havre Dir. Annick Villanueva
  • Bosphore (2012) for 2 Bassoons, String Orchestra and Percussions, premiered by Estelle Richard and Lionel Belhacene with ONCT Dir. Christophe Mangou, Delatour Editions
  • In Deo Gratias (2011) for French Horn and Orchestra, Sempre più editions
KEYBOARD Instruments
  • La Nébuleuse de l’Eskimo (2010) for Accordion and Harp, premiered by Marion Chiron and Camille Ouzounoff, Harposphère Editions
  • Giverny (2016) for Harp
  • Boreal Silk (2017) for Vibraphone
  • Source (2014) for Marimba, Alfonce Production Editions



String Instruments
  • Le Pendu (1995) for Doublebass, commissioned by Evreux Festival, premiered by Frédéric Stohl
String Ensemble
  • In Front of the Rocks (2016) for String Quartet
String Ensemble with Piano
  • D’un si profond Neptune (2018) for String Quartet and Piano
  • Riga (2015) for Violin, Cello and Piano
Wind Instruments
  • Upon the wind (2015) for Flute Ensemble, premiered by Zagreb Flute Ensemble, Kossack Editions
  • Terre Adélie (2014) for Piccolo and Piano
  • Jaka (2009) for Double reed Ensemble, premiered by Claude Villevieille and Ensemble Bemol Perplexe, Delatour Editions
  • Abanico (2005) for Double Reed Ensemble, premiered by Claude Villevieille and Ensemble Bemol Perplexe
  • Vezelay (2016) for 2 Bassoons, premiered by Jarosław Augustyniak and Arek Adamczyk
  • Summer Street (2015) for Bassoon Quartet, premiered by Les Francs Bassons, Delatour Editions
  • Fleur de l’aube (2014) for Bassoon and Piano, premiered by Sophie Dartigalongue and Anna Kirichenko
  • Lawson (2014) for Bassoon premiered by Henri Roman – Egge Verlag Editions
  • Amok (2013) for Bassoon and Piano, premiered at the JVB Competition, Egge Verlag Editions
  • Maëlstrom (2017) for French Horn, IMD Editions
  • Diamant-Silex, for French Horn and Piano, Robert Martin Editions, 2010
  • La Table des Marchands (2017) for Trombone & Piano
Wind Instruments with Piano
  • Naadam (2015) for Wind quintet and Piano, premiered by Amy Porter, Andreas Oeste, Eddie Sundra, Jahn White, Jeffrey Lyman, Justin Snyder
  • Un, deux, beaucoup (2014) for Oboe, French Horn and Piano, premiered by Baptiste Gibier, Alexandre Collard et Mathilde Nguyen, Delatour Editions
  • Les Offrandes Aquatiques (2010) for Oboe, Clarinet, French Horn, Bassoon and Piano, premiered by J.L.Cappezzali, Frédéric Rapin, Olivier Darbelay, Carlo Colombo, and Pascal Godart, Egge Verlag Editions
Mixed Instruments
String and Wind Instruments (without Piano)
  • La Boussole et l’Astrolabe (2018) for English Horn and String Quartet, Egge Verlag Editions
  • Un Sourire (2017) in memory of Régis Roy for Bassoon and String Trio, Editions Verlag, premiered  on November, 2017 by Victor Dutot during Le Mans French Bassoon Association Congress
  • Cinq Bagatelles (2017) for Double bass and Bassoon, commissioned by Association des Bassistes et Contrebassistes de France, premiered by Jeanne Bonnet, Doublebass and Marie Boichard, Bassoon, Editions Delatour
  • Aphrodite (2016) for Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, 2 Violins, Viola and Harp, premiered by the Wiener Philarmoniker Ensemblin, Dir. Sophie Dartigalongue, Harposphère Editions
  • Ouréa (2016) for flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone and Bass
  • Kashgar (2013) for Violin, Bass, Clarinet, Bassoon and French Horn, premiered by Andrew Jennings, Scott Pingel, Joshua Anderson, Jeffrey Lyman, and Adam Unsworth, Egge Verlag Editions
  • Run for Ron II (2012) for Bassoon and 3 Double bass, premiered by Marie Boichard, Jeanne Bonnet, François Gavelle, Tom Laffolay,  Egge Verlag Editions
  • Il pleut sur les jardins d’Eole (2010) for Oboe, Bassoon and String Trio, premiered by the Emeraude Quintet, IMD Editions
String and Wind Instruments (with Piano)
  • Sextet (2018) for Clarinet, Horn, String Trio and Piano
  • Nyugat (2014) for Clarinet, Viola and Piano
String and Wind with Harp
  • La Postérité du Soleil (2017) for Flute, String Trio and Harp
  • Maât (2013) for Flute, Clarinet in A, String Quartet and Harp
  • Kolm (2012) for Flute, Viola and Harp, Kossack Editions 
String with Harp
  • Une borne à l’infini (2014) for Cello and Harp
  • Elegia (2013) for Bass and Harp, premiered by Thierry Barbé and Gwenaelle Ferret, Harposphère Editions
Wind with Harp
  • Ombres de cercles (2014) for Flute and Harp, Robert Martin Editions
  • La miséricorde des rêves (2011) for Flute, Bassoon and Harp, premiered by Matthew Featherstone, Jarek Augustyniak and Anneke Hodnet, Harposphère Editions
  • Attendre, savoir attendre (2005) for Bassoon and Harp, premiered by Gudrun Huhmer-Virot and Alexandre Ouzounoff, Harposphère Editions
Percussion with Harp
  • Galilée (2013) for Harp and Marimba
Wind with Percussion
  • Le Vent d’Orages Lointains (2018) for French Horn and Percussion, premiered by Zeng Yun and Ren Jingxue
  • Bornéo (2015) for Bassoon and Marimba, Second prize at “Col legno” USA Competition, premiered by Scott and Amy Pollard, Bachovich Editions
  • Cependant, la lune se lève (2013) for Bassoon and Vibraphon, premiered by Victor Dutot and Othman Louati, Billaudot Editions
  • Ladybird (2013) for Oboe and 3 Percussions, commissionned by Shu-Te University Chamber Ensemble Taïwan, premiered by Hsiao-Hsuan Chung and Chen Wen-Ting, Cheng Pei-Han, Tsung-Yung Yu,  Egge Verlag Editions
  • Nervures (2013) for Flute and Percussion, premiered by Charlotte et Justine Feuillette, Delatour Editions
  • Nairobi la nuit (1999) for Bassoon and Percussion, commissioned by CNSM Paris, Editions Salabert



 One or more voices a cappella
  • La Rose rouge (2015) for Female Choir a capella, from a  Li Tai Po chinese poem, premiered by the Calliope Ensemble, Dir. Régine Théodoresco, Delatour Editions
Choral music
Mixed Choir
  • Charles d’Orléans, l’exil (2017) 3 ballades of Charles d’Orléans for Mixed Choir, from Charles d’Orléans
Symphonic vocal works – Solo voice with instruments
  • Vents Noir (2014) for Mezzo Soprano and Piano, from Jean-Joël Barbier’s poems, premiered by Reut Ventorero
  • La Maison de Russie (2016) 9 poems of Anna Akhmatova – for Soprano, String Quartet, Piano, 2 Flutes and 2 Clarinets
Symphonic vocal works – Female choir with instruments
  • O Vos Omnes (2016) for Female Choir, 2 French Horns and Harp
Symphonic vocal works – Mixed choir with instruments
  • D’or, d’Ivoire ou de Sang (2015) for Cello and Mixed Choir, from a Jose-Luis Borgès’ poem
Symphonic vocal works – Female/Children choir with Orchestra
  • Stabat Mater (2014) for Children Choir and Orchestra (commissioned by Versailles Conservatory)



 String Orchestra
  • Non Solum (2004) for String Orchestra
Double Reed Ensemble
  • Carnets de Route (1997) for Double Reed Ensemble, IMD Editions
  • Madrigal (2015) for Viola and Piano, Billaudot Editions
Double Bass
  • Shamal (2013) for Bass and Piano, Sempre più Editions
  • Pirouettes (2016) for Harp, Billaudot Editions
  • Amazonia (2016) for Percussion’s Band, commissioned by CRR de Versailles, Bachovich Editions
  • Ponant (2013) for Oboe and Piano, IMD Editions
  • Yaghan (2016) for Clarinet, commissioned by Evreux Conservatory, Sempre più Editions
  • Suetone (2014) for Clarinet, Robert Martin Editions
  • Pline le jeune (2014) for Clarinet, Robert Martin Editions
  • Libeccio (2013) for Clarinet and Piano, IMD Editions
  • Spring Boulevard (2014) for Bassoon and Piano, commissioned by the Bondy Conservatory, Sempre più Editions
  • Marco Polo l’avait bien dit (2013) for Bassoon and Piano, Sempre più Editions
  • Bassoon on the Top (2011) for Bassoon studies, Billaudot Editions
  • 36 Nouvelles Etudes (2007) for Bassoon, Billaudot Editions
  • Les Chercheurs d’or (2006) for 3 Bassoons, Egge Verlag Editions
  • Winter Avenue (2015) for French Horn and Piano, Billaudot Edition
  • Les Douves – Petite Cour – Pont-Levis (2009) for French Horn and Harp, Harposphère Editions
  • Quelle aventure…! (2009) for French Horn and Harp, Harposhère Editions
  • Piterak (2013) for Trumpet and Piano, Billaudot Editions
Chamber Music
  • Electric Piper (2013) for Flute, Viola and Harp, Harposphère Editions