Here is what was « La table des Marchands » for Trombone & Piano at the beginning….In Brittany, La table des marchands is a large ancient rock located on the famous megalithic site of Locmariaquer. The piece has just been finished. With Maelström, my last solo horn piece, brass instruments are quite inspiring !!!!la table des marchand

AMAZONIA was commissioned by the « Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Versailles ». amazonia
The first performance took place in Versailles, France on 27th may 2016.
The initial idea of the work consisted in imaging the Amazonian wood. I have been listening to various wood recordings and have tried to “transpose” the different noises.
The work begins with few measures based on the “Cup Song”. I saw it in a school playground some time ago, pupils were playing with a big dexterity the characteristic rhythm of the Cup song! The beginning of the piece was found!
“AMAZONIA” is dedicated to Meili Chuang, Professor of Percussions, CRR Versailles.